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Social Security Disability Articles

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits contact Pitt Dickey. There is no charge for an initial consultation regarding your disability claim. If we take on representation of you in your claim, there is no attorney fee charged unless we win your disability claim for you. When you come in for your interview, please bring all of the documents that you have received from the Social Security Administration.

A Local Firm Helping You Secure Your Ssd Benefits

The process for obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be long and difficult. Many claimants are typically denied twice at administrative levels before ultimately having their disability claim approved at a hearing before a federal Administrative Law Judge. The Claimant can begin his SSD claim by filing with a local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. The claimant can also file online at the Social Security Administration’s website, www.ssa.gov. The SSA will then obtain medical, vocational and educational information regarding the claimant. If the claim is denied at the initial level, the SSA issues a written letter of denial which allows the claimant a 60 day window to appeal to the next step which is called the Reconsideration level. If the claimant does not appeal within the 60 day window then the claim can be dismissed by the SSA and the claimant will have to file a new claim. If the claim is denied at the reconsideration level, the SSA will issue another written denial letter allowing the claimant 60 days to appeal for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. It is vital not to let the time to appeal lapse in pursuing an SSA disability claim.

The SSA disability process can be extremely frustrating and slow for disabled workers. The SSA has a set of technical medical requirements called Listings which it uses to evaluate a claimant’s eligibility for disability benefits. An experienced attorney’s assistance in navigating the complex administrative SSA disability process can mean the difference between the approval or denial of disability benefits.

To learn more about SSD, contact us at Smith, Dickey & Dempster P.A., by calling or reach us via email by completing our online contact form. Our lawyers represent clients in Fayetteville and others throughout North Carolina.

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