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Do you know about challenging Breathalyzer results?

Many people who submit to Breathalyzer tests during a traffic stop fail these tests unfairly. While the vast majority of police departments use Breathalyzers and confidently present Breathalyzer evidence in court, these devices and are not perfectly accurate. In some cases, Breathalyzers produce inaccurate results that lead to unfair convictions.

If you or someone you love recently received drunk driving charges because of failing a Breathalyzer test, it is time to examine the details of the police interaction and begin building your legal defense. Without a strong legal defense, you may face grossly unfair penalties such as steep fees, loss of privileges and even jail time. Building your defense now uses the strength of the law to protect your rights.

Your teen and homecoming: Is it a good mix?

If it's autumn in Fayetteville, chances are good that many parents are fielding their teens' requests to attend their high school homecoming festivities. This annual rite of teenage passage is an important one, yet parents may remember all too well from their own teenage years the harm that can arise from these events.

The problem is not with the homecoming game or dance itself, but rather with the culture of alcohol and drug usage that often accompanies these activities. What is a parent to do? Below is some helpful advice to parents of high school-age teens.

Safety tips for your next road trip

Now that summer is here, you are probably wrapping up plans for this year's road trip. However, driving long distances can come with unique hazards you may not experience commuting to and from work. For instance, being behind the wheel for hours can lead to driver fatigue which is a top cause of many car accidents.

Before you head out of Fayetteville on I-95, take a moment to examine your driving plan and how you will stay safe and alert. Here are some long-distance driving safety tips to help during your next road trip.

Sunglasses are important for driving safely all year round

One of the best and simplest safety devices that can reduce your risk of a crash is so common it will likely surprise you. A pair of sunglasses could be all you need to reduce your risk of collision in a number of circumstances.

Sunglasses are one of the most important safety devices for drivers. In fact, you should probably have one or two pairs of sunglasses in your car just in case the sun comes out on a day that you leave home without your usual pair.

Factory workers may experience chronic pain due to their work

Whether someone works at a poultry processing plant or a massive tire factory, manufacturing work can be lucrative and stable employment with good benefits. Unfortunately, the benefits and decent pay that often accompany work in manual labor jobs only partially serve to offset the risks and costs that individuals incur by performing physical work every day for many hours.

The kind of work matters less than the frequency with which a person performs it. Anyone who performs a manual task as part of their job could wind up dealing with chronic pain due to soft tissue injuries and repetitive motion injuries. Those injuries could eventually keep that person from working.

7 reasons teenagers get in legal trouble

As a parent, you know that it is tough to navigate your way through the teenage years. It's a roller coaster. You do the best you can, but you worry constantly about what could go wrong.

One thing you worry about is getting that call saying that your son or daughter has gotten arrested. For many parents, it comes out of nowhere and really takes them by surprise. Why do teens get into trouble with the law? Here are seven main reasons:

  1. The use of alcohol and drugs. Not only is this use itself illegal, but drugs and alcohol can alter a person's mental state. Your teen may become more impulsive and may do things that later, from a sober perspective, they can't believe they actually did.
  2. Peer pressure. Teens desperately want to fit in, and the peer group they spend time with has a massive influence on their decisions. Just a little pressure at the right time may make your teen do something they never wanted to do, something they regret forever.
  3. Low income. Teens without jobs, especially when they feel like their potential income situation will never change, may be more likely to commit crimes. They may do this to get money or other items that they want, seeing no other way to obtain them. This can lead to everything from petty theft to armed robbery.
  4. Isolation from peers. Unfortunately, some teens become social outcasts. This can lead to depression and emotional instability, which may in turn lead to criminal activity.
  5. Mental disorders. Many mental disorders do not get diagnosed for months or even years. They are not always as obvious as other types of sickness and disease. Without proper care and a good support system, teens may commit crimes and make poor decisions.
  6. No supervision. You cannot watch your teen all of the time, but teens that feel like they have absolutely no supervision are often most likely to break the law. The reason could be that they simply see this behavior as something they need to hide from their parents -- which they can do easily -- rather than something that is illegal. It is crucial for parents to stay involved in teens' lives.
  7. Trouble at home. Do not underestimate the ways that your behavior can impact a child's home life and his or her behavior. Always strive to give your teen a safe place where they feel welcomed and loved.

DUI checkpoints in North Carolina

Police in many states frequently use DUI checkpoints to pull over all drivers on a given stretch of road and test their individual sobriety. While not all states allow DUI checkpoints as a part of their state-level laws, North Carolina does, which poses very real consequences to anyone who has had a drink or two before driving and winds up in one.

If you recently received DUI charges because of a checkpoint, perhaps you are now quite sure that the practice is not even legal. After all, what about our constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure in the Fourth Amendment? How can the police legally stop a driver without probable cause?

Hospital workers, like nurses, have a high risk of job injury

Physicians' assistants complete a long educational process in the hopes of helping other people. Ironically, these caring and devoted professionals are often at increased risk of injury when they go to work.

While many people know that construction and manufacturing are dangerous careers, few consider that hospital workers actually have a higher rate of injury than those working in the construction or manufacturing industries. Being aware of the common causes of injuries can help keep hospital workers safer so that they can keep performing the jobs they love.

3 ways car crashes impact children's lives

When you get into a crash as an adult it's bad enough, but for children, it may be life-changing. The future could be full of fear about riding in vehicles. Kids can become anxious or depressed about losses over which they had no control.

For children who have been though significant crashes, getting them mental health services might become necessary. The emotional and physical strain of the crash on a child needs to be monitored to make sure he or she can grow up as normally as possible following the collision.

Mild brain injuries can end careers

A mild brain injury can occur many ways, from car accidents to simple work accidents that involve a blow to the head. These injuries are often tough to identify and diagnose, and may seem insignificant because they do not present visible symptoms. They are, however, serious injuries that may end a victim's career in short order if he or she does not properly address the matter.

A mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) is especially concerning for those who work in professional settings or must perform detailed tasks in their job, such as factory workers or medical care providers. Mild TBIs affect each victim differently, but some of the most common symptoms make it very difficult to remain focused and communicate clearly, jeopardizing the employment of the victim if his or her employer and colleagues do not know about the injury and understand its effects.

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