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Staffing shortages mean an increased risk of injury among nurses

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Nurses are one of the most critical parts of the medical field, and they must be able to work in a safe environment. Unfortunately, nurses are often put in dangerous situations due to staffing shortages. 

Several studies show that nurses who work short-staffed are at an increased risk of injury. This can be extremely dangerous for the nurses and the patients they are caring for.

The dangers of nursing shortages

Nursing shortages in hospitals, care facilities and healthcare organizations can have serious consequences. This is a big problem not only for the patients but also for the safety of the nursing staff. With fewer nurses to attend to patients and their needs, it means more work for the existing staff members with less time to take breaks and rest. This can cause burnout, fatigue and stress, which puts them at a higher risk of injury due to exhaustion or being overwhelmed by duties. 

Additionally, they may have to perform duties beyond their qualifications or competency level if needed roles are left unfilled due to shortages, also increasing their risk of injury. 

Workers’ compensation can help after an accident

Working as a nurse can be a physically demanding profession. Thankfully, nurses and other healthcare workers can access workers’ compensation benefits in order to help recover from injuries sustained in the workplace. 

Workers’ comp enables nurses to receive monetary compensation for missed wages and medical bills associated with their injury. This not only prevents healthcare professionals from bearing these costs out of pocket, but it also helps to ensure that workplace standards are maintained and that employees continue to be protected from unnecessary risk.

Overall, workers’ comp provides much-needed support during times of hardship and offers protection against financial uncertainty due to injury or illness sustained while at work.

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