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Fatigued driving is caused by more than a lack of sleep

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Car Accidents |

One of the more common thoughts about the holiday season is that people are always on the go. The increase in festivities and the desire to shop for gifts mean that people spend more time away from home than usual. 

Driver fatigue is a risk throughout the year, but it may impact some people more during the winter holiday season. There are many causes of fatigue that might not have anything to do with sleep. Regardless of the cause, all drivers should ensure they rest before they get behind the wheel because fatigued driving can lead to deadly crashes. 

What can cause fatigued driving?

The early dusk during winter may lead to drivers feeling fatigued earlier than usual. This is because the sunlight-darkness cycle affects the body’s circadian rhythm. This is responsible for determining when you should be awake or asleep. 

Getting less sleep than usual over multiple days can also lead to fatigue. Some people may experience this if they wake up early or stay up late trying to shop or prepare food for the holidays. 

Shift work is another common cause of fatigue, especially when the added hours impact the person’s sleep cycle. Those who try to work overtime to make extra money may find themselves nodding off at the wheel. 

If you’re injured in a crash with a fatigued driver, be sure that you get medical care. You may opt to pursue a compensation claim but remember that North Carolina law has time limits for filing these cases. Working with someone who can help you evaluate the types of compensation you seek and build your case enables you to focus on healing while they get you compensation.

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