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Truck drivers face many hazards on the job

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Driving a big commercial rig is an intensely challenging, demanding role that requires unflinching skill and excellent judgment. Those who do it every day and work hard around the nation would surely say that it’s fraught with hazards.

First and foremost, there is the tremendous responsibility of driving a huge truck filled with cargo that makes other vehicles look small by comparison. If you do get hurt on this tough job, workers’ compensation might make up for some of the discomfort and inconvenience.

What are some of the dangers?

Even cautious and experienced truck drivers find themselves in perilous situations not of their own making and beyond their control. These include driving in stormy weather that includes snow and ice, jackknifing, dealing with reckless drivers, navigating heavy traffic and contending with a shifting load, to name a few common pitfalls of this job.

Staying safe

Some measures that could head off trouble are the following:

  •       When you repair anything beneath your truck, have someone else standing by to help you instantly if something unforeseen happens.
  •       Look around your rig to do a “circle check” prior to hitting the road. You can spot things that may need to be fixed before they give you problems.
  •       Climbing up to the top of your rig can be dangerous. Do it only with the right equipment like a good ladder.
  •       Brief naps are restorative and help you concentrate.  Don’t tempt fate by driving when you are really tired.
  •       Don’t open both rear doors at the same time. If your load has shifted, you could be at risk.
  •       You can’t do anything about the weather except adapt to it accordingly. That may mean driving more slowly to reach your destination.

Protect yourself on the road

Truckers in big rigs face hazards that people in other types of vehicles don’t have to grapple with. Even consistently taking rigorous precautions can’t guarantee their safety and well-being. If you get hurt while driving your rig, inquire about workers’ compensation.

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