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Tips for avoiding serious back injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Back injuries can be incredibly frustrating because they often take a long time to heal. In this sense, they are some of the most serious injuries you can encounter. Some people even note that their back never again quite feels the same after a significant injury, even if they have healed as far as the doctors believe that they will.

A lot of back injuries happen on the job, as workers attempt to perform their duties and carry out very physical tasks. You can’t always avoid having to do these types of tasks, but you can hopefully avoid serious back injuries. Below are a few tips that can help.

Always lift with your legs

One of the first things that people learn when they lift weights is that you’re never supposed to lift with your back. You always want to squat down so that you can pick something up and then straighten up by lifting with your legs. The same principle applies on the job. Your legs are much stronger and more stable than your back, and they are less prone to injury. You always want to make a heavy lift carefully and with your spine as straight as possible, putting all of the pressure and weight on your legs.

Take the time to stretch first

Most people never stretch before they get to work, even though they absolutely would if they were going to the gym. It can certainly help you to take a few minutes at the beginning and end of every shift to stretch your back and the rest of your body. This stretching helps to make you more flexible, it warms up your muscles and it allows you to do physical activity without the risk of injury.

Know when you need to use equipment

In many cases, people get injured lifting things that they didn’t even have to lift. Maybe there was a forklift on the job that could have done it, but they assumed that it would take longer to go get the forklift, so they just tried to pick something up on their own. While it is important to work quickly in some cases, you also need to know when it’s better to take time and use the proper equipment to keep yourself safe.

What if you do get injured?

These tips may help you avoid serious injuries, but they do still happen. Be sure you know how to seek workers’ compensation.


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