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How might tourists increase the chance of a car crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Summer can bring a lot of visitors from out of town to the Fayetville area. While they bring money to the area and provide jobs, they can also increase the danger on the roads around the town and its attractions.

Why do tourists struggle to handle the roads when they come into the area? There are several reasons.

Strange roads, hot weather, a holiday mindset and sudden rains all affect driving

Tourists will not know the roads as well as you. They may slow down without warning as they check to read the road sign to see if it is the turn-off they need. If it is, they may turn without warning. If not, they may speed up again without checking. 

Visitors from cooler parts of the country might not cope well when the mercury passes 90 degrees resulting in them being less alert on the roads. Alcohol is another danger, which is even more dangerous when combined with heat. People often drink more when they are on holiday and they often drink during the day before driving back to their accommodation.

When the clouds break, it can bring relief to a hot, muggy afternoon. Yet a lot of rain can fall in a short time, making driving conditions hazardous. Turn your headlights on and slow down if a thunderstorm hits. Take care if you see water pooled on the surface. While you know the local roads and know where puddles form, visitors may not. They may assume the water is shallow and fail to slow down, causing them to plane across the road or send a plume of water across your windshield.

Get help when you’re injured by an out-of-town driver

If a visitor crashes into you, they may want to settle the incident quickly before they leave town. However, settling before you realize the full extent of your injuries could leave you out of pocket. It is crucial to understand how much compensation you should be entitled to before making a decision about how to handle your claim. 

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