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A Litigation Firm Helping The Victims Of Trucking Accidents Pursue The Compensation They Deserve

If you or a loved one has been in a wreck involving a semitruck or large commercial vehicle, you have more than enough on your plate – dealing with securing treatment, rehabilitation, managing medical expenses and dealing with the insurance adjusters can all be difficult to navigate on your own.

When you work with us at Smith, Dickey & Dempster P.A., you won’t have to deal with the insurance company or accept the initial settlement it offers. We will help you make sense of your options and aggressively pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries and accident-related expenses.

Established Litigation Lawyers Protecting Accident Victims And Their Families

Our attorneys have years of experience handling complex motor vehicle accident claims involving 18-wheelers. These types of cases often result in serious injuries and involve multiple parties, including trucking companies and their insurers. We have the experience and skill to evaluate each case on its individual merits through independent investigations and analysis of the medical evidence.

Once we have all the facts, we can help you determine whether to pursue a just settlement or pursue the best possible outcome through litigation. By developing creative litigation strategies, we have secured multimillion-dollar awards on behalf of clients. Although each case presents its own unique challenges and there is no guaranteed outcome, we are confident that we can help you build a strong claim and pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

Over the years, the technology surrounding motor vehicles and tractor-trailers has evolved. At Smith, Dickey & Dempster P.A., we have evolved with the times and utilize the latest technology, including: computerized research methods, state-of-the-art medical software, specialized video equipment when developing exhibits and numerous other resources that lend a significant advantage when presenting before a jury.

After Being Involved In A Truck Accident, Turn To Our Experience And Professionalism For Support And Guidance

To schedule your free initial consultation with our lawyers, reach out to us at our Fayetteville, North Carolina, law office by calling 910-849-2364 or by completing our online contact form. When you secure our services, you’re not just getting an attorney, you are securing the services of an entire team.