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Mild brain injuries can end careers

A mild brain injury can occur many ways, from car accidents to simple work accidents that involve a blow to the head. These injuries are often tough to identify and diagnose, and may seem insignificant because they do not present visible symptoms. They are, however, serious injuries that may end a victim's career in short order if he or she does not properly address the matter.

After a car accident, you must always seek medical attention

Surviving a car accident, even one that is relatively minor, may leave you with a false sense of security, especially if you believe at first that you did not receive any injuries in the accident. While this is possible, there are many injuries you may receive in a car accident that do not cause pain at first, but still may pose serious threats to your health.

What to do in a traffic stop

Whenever you see the blue lights flashing behind you, you may also experience a moment of panic as you worry about how to minimize whatever damage is potentially on the way. This a normal fear, but it is important to remain calm and understand your rights so you can keep them protected throughout the interaction.

Don't let a juvenile offense in NC ruin your child's future

Teenagers often don't fully consider the consequences and long-term implications of their actions. Their brains are in the process of developing and growing, which means they simply don't have the capacity to make decisions in the way an adult could. Impulsivity and a little recklessness can combine to put your child in a very precarious position.

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