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Protecting Your Driving Privileges And Future

Do not pay your traffic ticket without exploring your options first. At Smith, Dickey & Dempster P.A., we are an established local practice that can help you understand your rights and options when faced with a traffic ticket or other criminal matters. Our team of former district attorneys and a former district court judge has years of experience handling cases in Fayetteville and Cumberland County.

Exploring All Options To Reduce The Consequences Of A Ticket

Traffic violations can carry serious consequences. For many people, traffic tickets can quickly go from being a costly nuisance to very serious legal issue if they receive additional violations. In North Carolina, points on your driver’s license, a spike in insurance rates, court costs and fines can add up.

You do not have to accept the potential consequences. Our lawyers are local to the area and understand local traffic laws and ordinances. We know what steps to take to protect your driving record and to minimize the consequences of your violation.

Traffic Violations We Handle

A few of the most common types of traffic violations we see include:

  • Speeding tickets (speeding in a school zone or construction zone)
  • Driving with a revoked or suspended license (DWLR)
  • Traffic violations involving drugs or alcohol (DUI/DWI)
  • Stoplight violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Accident-related tickets
  • No operator’s license

We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your traffic violation and explore all options to reach a plea agreement or pursue a dismissal in court.

Did you get a traffic ticket on base at Fort Bragg? We have experience helping military members fight traffic violations. Visit our page on traffic violations at Fort Bragg to see how we can assist you.

Representation From A Local Criminal Defense Firm

Our lawyers will advocate for you, whether this is your first violation or your third citation. We will defend you and help you move forward after a traffic ticket. Learn more about how we can represent you. Schedule a free consultation with us. Call 910-849-2364 or contact us online. We are available 24/7.