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People often can’t tell when they are too drunk to drive

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

Drunk driving is a crime, and anyone with a driver’s license is likely aware of that fact. After all, standard driver’s education courses teach motorists about drunk driving statutes and blood alcohol limits. Most people don’t intend to go out and break the law.

Instead, they simply enjoy a few drinks with friends or family at a party or while out for dinner. Then, they decide to drive home because they think they are sober enough to make it home safely. The problem with this approach is that most people have a hard time recognizing when they have had too much to drink.

Alcohol impairment affects observation and judgment

Consuming alcohol doesn’t innately alter how people behave. People who are drunk maintain the same personalities they have when they are sober. They may simply become more uninhibited and impulsive in many cases.

Instead of thinking things through as carefully as they otherwise might, they may rush to make decisions that they could regret in the future. Someone’s decreased environmental and personal awareness while under the influence might mean that they don’t realize that they have begun slurring their speech or stumbling when they walk.

If other people aren’t sober enough or honest enough to speak up before someone under the influence leaves a restaurant or a party, that person could end up pulled over by a police officer. Even if someone doesn’t drive particularly poorly, they could end up arrested for drunk driving simply for being over the legal limit for their blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

A drunk driving offense could lead to financial consequences including fines and court costs. A judge could sentence someone to jail time or probation. The loss of driving privileges is also quite common. If people hope to avoid those consequences, they need to plan an appropriate defense strategy. Successful defense tactics include raising questions about the legality of a traffic stop or providing alternate explanations for high BAC test results.

Those who are facing accusations of impaired driving generally need experienced assistance preparing to fight drunk driving charges. Those who respond assertively to a pending DUI charge can reduce the likelihood of a conviction that can affect them for years to come.

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