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Use these workers comp filing tips if it’s your first work injury

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Most people don’t give much thought to workers’ compensation until they suffer an injury in a workplace accident. As a result, most first-time filers rush through the process, leaving their application subject to errors.

Like many people, you may not consider a typo or other mistake serious enough to affect your claim. However, the North Carolina Industrial Commission that administers the state workers’ compensation program may reject claims that are full of errors.

These two filing tips can help ensure that your first (and hopefully only) workers’ compensation claim proceeds smoothly.

Report the injury to your employer

Sometimes, employers give injured workers a form to complete as part of the reporting process. Other employers rely on the worker to tell them about their injuries. Regardless, proper reporting is a vital step in workers’ compensation claims. Even if you have already told your boss about the incident, you must give them written notice within 30 days.

Read everything to ensure accuracy

Once you have notified your employer about your work accident and injury, you must file Form 18 with the Industrial Commission and give your boss a copy. Read through your completed documentation a few times to ensure that it contains the proper details and has no mistakes. Leaving any required documentation or information out of your claim can result in denial.

These two tips can help you meet the requirements of the Industrial Commission. Workers’ comp benefits can cover the cost of medical treatment and replace some of the wages you lost due to your injuries. If your employer refuses to meet their obligations or your claim is denied, legal guidance can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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