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5 risks roofers face on the job

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Roofers face specific hazards when they’re doing their job duties. The roofing company must ensure that all workers have the safety equipment and training they need to remain safe. There are several specific hazards that must be addressed. 

Making sure that roofers understand these risks and that they’re able to do their job without putting themselves or others in danger is crucial to prevent injuries and fatalities. Here are some of the most serious issues:

1. Unstable surfaces

Roofs can have weak spots in them. If those give way, the roofer can crash into the building, leading to significant injuries. 

2. Improper fall protection equipment usage

Fall protection equipment can prevent roofers from hitting the ground if they slip. This is important for all roofers, especially those working on higher roofs. Ensuring the equipment is properly anchored into something sturdy is important. 

3. Unaware of the edge

Roofers should always be aware of where the edge is so they don’t tumble off. Fall protection equipment can reduce the chance of a serious injury, but awareness is really the key.

4. Weather conditions

Weather conditions can affect the roof. Even when conditions are clear, roofers should pay attention to the way the roof feels. For example, early morning dew can cause the roof to become slippery.

5. Unstable ladders

Ladders must be placed on a stable surface. Roofers should always have three points of contact with the ladder to reduce the risk of falling. 

Roofers who suffer an injury may be tempted to continue their shift to get the job done. This usually isn’t a good idea, so be sure to get medical care right away if you’re injured. Workers’ compensation coverage should cover the expenses related to the injury, but you must ensure you get all the benefits you’re due. Working with someone familiar with these matters can help you to do this.

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