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Common risks to home healthcare workers

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Home healthcare workers are a vital part of the medical community because they help people who want to age in place and have conditions that make it difficult for them to leave home. While this can be a rewarding profession, it has serious risks.

One of the most challenging aspects of home healthcare is that the workers enter someone else’s home. This fact alone introduces safety concerns. One of the primary duties of a home healthcare agency should be to ensure that patients and clients aren’t a danger to the workers who will help them.

Slip and trip hazards

Going into someone else’s home may expose you to clutter on the floor or wet surfaces. Be vigilant about all of these. Even a rug with a lifted corner can lead to an injury. Always carry shoe covers with you so you can cover your shoes if a patient doesn’t want you to wear shoes in the home because going barefoot can also lead to injuries.

Overexertion and lifting hazards

If you have to help a patient with bathing or other tasks that require you to support them, you may suffer from back or knee injuries. When possible, use assistive devices. Some patients may have Hoyer lifts and other systems in the home to help. Be realistic about what you can do. Ask for assistance if you have a patient you can’t safely help.

Anyone injured while working as a home healthcare professional will likely need medical care. Workers’ compensation may cover these expenses and others related to the injury. Get legal help to find out more.

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