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Why do you need to give trucks more space?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Maybe you find sharing the road with semi-trucks annoying. They take up a lot of space, can be difficult to see past and can get in the way when you need to cross lanes to make your turn.

While you might not enjoy sharing the road with them, they play an essential role in stocking the shelves of the stores you buy from.

Even if you like trucks, you should avoid getting too close because doing so puts you at greater risk of injury or death. Here is why you should give them more room:

If you are tight to the back of them, you could go under them

Underride accidents can be horrific. Therefore you should ensure you are a long way back from the last trailer just in case they need to brake suddenly. It gives you more time to brake in response.

If you are too close to their side of them, they could topple onto you

An empty high-sided trailer can be a dangerous thing if the wind catches it. Trailers can also topple due to poor loading or the driver losing control. The last place you want to end up is under them.  

If you are too close in front, the drive might run over you

It can be tempting to grab the slightest opportunity to overtake a slow-moving truck, pulling back in front of them just in time to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The problem is trucks take some stopping, so if you misjudge it, the driver may not be able to stop before they are on top of you. Aside from those things, semi-trucks also have massive blindspots, and a driver that cannot see you is more likely to maneuver into you.

If a truck injures you, you will likely face major medical bills. Seek legal help to avoid having to pay them yourself.

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