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Police officers and firefighters face special on-the-job hazards

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Americans entrust emergency responders with their health and safety with little thought to the injury hazards they encounter on the job. In truth, first responders like police officers and firefighters show up for work each day in the face of numerous risks to their wellbeing.

Medical care for a serious injury is expensive regardless of its circumstances. However, you do not have to foot the bill when injuries occur while working. A successful workers’ compensation claim ensures medical care coverage and wage replacement.

Know your risk

Every occupation, from a desk job to high-rise construction, poses at least some injury hazards to employees. As a public servant, you probably know your job is dangerous. Even so, it is wise occasionally to revisit the dangers inherent to your occupation. It helps you avoid becoming complacent about your safety.

Injury risks for law enforcement officers

Cops sometimes face extreme risks like getting shot but can also suffer harm in many other ways.

  •       Physical stress and overexertion
  •       Motor vehicle accidents
  •       Slips, trips and falls
  •       On-the-job assault

Most occupational fatalities involving peace officers occur in vehicle accidents and assaults.

Injury risks for firefighters

  •       Firefighters generally have a high risk of suffering burn injuries due to the nature of their work. Other common causes of injury and illness include:
  •       Respiratory conditions from toxic exposure (smoke, fumes, etc.)
  •       Contact with, or struck by, objects
  •       Physical stress and overexertion
  •       Slips, trips and falls
  •       Asphyxiation
  •       Heat stress

Most on-duty firefighter fatalities are linked to physical stress, motor vehicle crashes and getting trapped in a fire.

Like others who serve, you may feel tempted to ignore your injury symptoms and continue your important work. Unfortunately, you risk further injury if you don’t get early treatment and follow your doctor’s orders.

To get what you deserve after a work injury, continue learning about workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina.

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