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The most common on-the-job accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Today, many employers realize the severity and impact of on-the-job accidents. Because of this, they have taken steps to improve conditions and safety.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen. The good news is that most workplace accidents can be prevented. Part of preventing these accidents is knowing what is most likely to happen. Keep in mind that each industry and job is unique; however, there are some at-work accidents that are more common than others.

Slips and falls

A slip and fall accident and injury can occur in almost any industry and job. It may be caused by a messy job site or by leaving boxes in aisles. It can even occur in office environments when cords aren’t tucked away properly. It’s important for employers to ensure that all work areas are well lit and free from hazards. If a fall does occur, someone can experience broken bones, bruises and even traumatic brain injuries.

Exposure to harmful environments or substances

In industries like manufacturing, construction, commercial cleaning and others, there’s the risk of exposure to chemicals, loud noises and other potential dangers. These types of situations can lead to immediate harm or illnesses that develop years down the road. In either case, it still may be possible to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

Overexertion injuries

An overexertion injury includes things like repetitive stress injuries and muscle strains. While these may seem minor, they can actually lead to long-term suffering.

Protecting yourself from a workplace accident

While employers have the responsibility to provide workers with a safe working environment, employees should also take steps to stay safe while on the job. If an accident does occur, workers have the right to recover workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are designed to help facilitate recovery from the injury. 

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