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Can daydreaming really cause car accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Car Accidents |

It’s important to be alert on the road. This is part of the reason why distracted driving is such a big issue, and the same goes for drunk driving. These activities, even if they don’t impact you physically, are certainly going to impact you mentally. You’re not going to be nearly as alert or aware of what’s going on around you, and that can lead to a car accident.

But what if you’re just daydreaming? Say you get lost in thought driving home from work. You’re just thinking about the fun you want to have on the weekend or you’re considering some big project that you have coming up. Is that a risk as well?

Getting lost in thought is dangerous

It certainly can be a serious risk, as studies have found that getting lost in thought increases the odds of car crashes. They classify this as just another type of distracted driving. You may not be looking at your phone screen or turning around to talk to a passenger, but you are still thinking about something else, something other than the road, and that increases the odds you will be involved in a crash.

At the same time, you’ve probably had this happen to you before. Most drivers have. It’s very difficult to avoid this type of distraction because it simply happens naturally, especially during a drive that is a bit more boring or routine.

Even if you are able to keep from getting distracted and you don’t cause an accident, someone else certainly may do so. If you suffer very serious injuries in this crash and you need financial compensation, you need to know what options you have to seek it.


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