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2 simple strategies that can help you fight a traffic ticket

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

If you are a regular driver, chances are you will one day get a traffic citation. Receiving a traffic citation is not only an emotional experience, it can also have far-reaching consequences to other aspects of your life like paying higher premiums on your car insurance.

If you have been cited for a traffic violation, it is important that you figure out how to defend yourself. Like with any other legal process, knowing how and how to fight your traffic ticket is key to boosting your odds of having the judge toss out your ticket in its entirety.

Here are defense options you can use to fight a traffic ticket in court.

Argue that your action was justified

If the police cite you for making a wrong turn or driving dangerously on the road, they will have to write a police report on the violation they are accusing you of committing. In this case, you could challenge the police’s subjective account of what they claim happened. For instance, if you have been cited for a lane change, you can argue that you did so in response to the traffic conditions on the road. Likewise, if you are cited for doing 50 mph in a 45 mph zone, you could argue that your speed was justified because all the cars in that lane were moving at 50 mph and, as such, driving below 45 mph would have been unsafe.

Argue that your violation was a “mistake of fact”

Sometimes, you can violate a traffic rule without even realizing it. For instance, when the road markers are worn out to the extent that the lanes are invisible, you can argue that you did not see them, and that’s how you ended up driving in two lanes. You can also use the same argument if your view was obstructed; hence, you could not see the speed limit, stop or yield signs. This is known as a mistake of fact.

Fighting a traffic ticket may seem like a daunting task. If you have been cited for a traffic offense, it is important that you explore the legal options available for your defense.

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