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Hospitality workers face numerous safety risks

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Hospitality workers provide vital services to people across North Carolina. Typically, guests are able to enjoy their experience without seeing the level of work involved.

Nonetheless, the hospitality sector is fast-paced and staff can be put under extreme pressure. This exposes employees to a number of safety risks that can cause injury. Outlined below are some of the main dangers that workers in hospitality face in North Carolina.

Slips, trips and falls  

Even at the best of times, the threat of slip-and-fall accidents is always present. In hospitality, this risk is heightened by the pace that staff has to keep. Venues need to be cleaned and prepared before guests arrive, which is no easy task. The risk becomes greater when effective signage has not been utilized, obstacles obstruct walkways and lighting is not maintained to a safe standard.

Burn injuries

It goes without saying that the preparation of food involves working around heat. Chefs have to make food from scratch and waiting staff are expected to deliver it to guests. Both pose a significant risk of burn injuries if proper safety practices are not implemented.

A further danger which can potentially be fatal comes from the risk of fire. Cooking equipment can malfunction, leading to a fire breaking out. As gas is generally a factor in hospitality environments, ensuring that rigid fire safety measures are implemented is of the utmost importance.

Employees who work hard to ensure that guests have a good time should be kept safe. If you have been injured as a worker in North Carolina, be sure to gain a further understanding of your legal rights.

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