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You could lose more than you think with an amputation injury

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you work in a poultry processing plant, the risk of an injury is very real. Some injuries occur gradually, such as chronic back pain or repetitive strain injuries. Others, such as an amputation, could happen in the blink of an eye.

To reduce the risk of injury, you and your fellow workers need to stay alert. Yet, that may not be a reality when the only way you can make enough to pay your bills is to work long hours, with few breaks. The chances are high that most people in the plant will periodically be tired — and tired workers are prone to injuries, including accidental amputations.

What is the true cost of an amputation injury?

Let’s say you lose a finger. Your employer figures that you still have nine fingers left so can return to work soon. Therefore they and their insurer offer you a measly payout. Do not accept. Any amputation injury can have far greater consequences than you realize. Here are a few frequent ones:

  • It costs you time and money: Getting medical treatment costs time and money. It will also cost you lost wages and things such as paying someone to pick up your kids when you have an appointment.
  • It leaves you more susceptible to infection: The infections that occur in amputation can be more damaging to your health than the limb loss itself.
  • It affects your mental health: You may feel incomplete or think everyone is staring at you. This can build up over time, damaging your mental health long-term.
  • It leaves you less able to do other things: Let’s say you work in the poultry factory to tide you over until your programming career takes off. Missing a finger is going to make it much harder to type. The same will apply if you have hobbies such as playing an instrument or playing sports. We have ten fingers for a reason. Losing one will affect many things.

Having help as you fight for the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve will be crucial to rebuilding your life after an amputation injury at work.


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