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What are the most dangerous roles in the construction field?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction is a hazardous field of employment. There are many activities that construction workers engage in that can lead to significant injuries, including working with power tools and in demolition jobs, as heavy equipment operators, sewer and duct construction workers and in high-rise construction roles.

Like in driving, the familiarity of the route tends to increase the risk of an accident; the same holds in construction work. Construction workers tend to engage in very repetitive activities. This repetitiveness sometimes can cause them to lose focus and concentration, resulting in injury. For example, more than 37,000 visits to the emergency room occur annually because of nail gun mishaps.

The dangers that construction workers face vary depending on the nature of their role in the field:

Heavy equipment operators

Heavy equipment operators must receive adequate training to operate the machines they are using safely and correctly. However, sometimes accidents occur because equipment may end up in dangerous places on the job site, or equipment may malfunction during use, causing serious bodily harm.

Dewer and ductwork workers

Working in confined spaces wouldn’t be recommended for individuals who have claustrophobia. With that said, those doing sewer and ductwork tend to work in dark, cramped areas. Injuries or medical issues can result from a lack of proper ventilation or workers becoming stuck and unable to get out.

Demolition workers

Demolition jobs can be hazardous due to the nature of the task at hand. Those involved in demolition work generally tear down homes, buildings and structures, each of which may be in various states of disrepair due to fire or age. Building materials can become dislodged and turn into projectiles, and workers can suffer electrocution.

High-rise construction workers

The number one most dangerous form of construction work is working on high-rise buildings. Falls account for at least 40% of construction-related deaths. 

What are your rights following a workplace accident?

Injuries happen at construction sites every day. Understanding your right to workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident is essential in order to protect them. 

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