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Highway safety and construction: How workers can stay safe on the job

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

There are few jobs as dangerous as those in construction. When you work in construction and are on a live job site, that’s even more precarious. Working in road construction, you may be around vehicles that are traveling at 50, 60, or 70 mph, for example, and if the drivers make an error, they could end up striking you, your machinery and tools, your work vehicles or others around you. 

It’s important to take steps to prevent collisions and to stay safer whenever you can. How? Here are five tips that may help you while you work.  

  1. Wear your safety attire 

The first tip for workers is to wear the right safety attire at all times. Wear your hardhat and safety vest, so that drivers see you and that you have at least some head protection in the case of getting hit.  

  1. Look for hazards, and then take steps to remove them 

Is there a barrier that is making drivers swerve oddly in their lanes? Is there a cone that got knocked over that could cause a collision? Your team should be cautious about hazards like these and take action to resolve them whenever possible. 

  1. Use spotters whenever possible 

The next tip is to use spotters whenever you can. They’ll tell you when it’s safe to go into the roadway or when it’s appropriate to pull into the worksite.  

  1. Stay aware of moving equipment within the job site 

Although vehicles around you are dangerous, those on your site are just as likely to cause harm to you or other people. Make sure you know which equipment is on and when equipment is being moved into or out of the site.  

  1. Make eye contact 

Finally, make eye contact. Whether it’s with drivers in traffic or your own coworkers, making eye contact helps reduce the likelihood of an accident.  

These are five tips to help you stay safer on your worksite. Staying safe is everyone’s responsibility, and taking these actions can help. If you are injured, you may be able to pursue workers’ compensation for the injuries that you suffered.  

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