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Increased compensation may accompany a catastrophic injury claim

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Those suffering catastrophic injuries caused by another party have a long road to travel when recovering. The last thing these victims want to face during their recovery is a trip through the justice system. Unfortunately, a successful personal injury claim is often the only way to acquire enough compensation to pay for medical care.

Even when victims have health insurance, the costs associated with catastrophic injuries usually soar in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why should you have to pay these expenses when a negligent or careless person is the reason for your suffering? For example, if a drunk driver involves you in a vehicle crash, why shouldn’t they (or their insurance company) foot the bill for your medical care?

Expenses associated with catastrophic injuries

Some of the costs surrounding catastrophic injuries include the following.

  • Long or short-term hospitalization
  • Surgeries and other in-hospital treatment
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Travel expenses to and from medical facilities
  • Recurring doctor visits

We understand how the desire to get back to your life can make you accept the settlement an insurance company offers you. However, we also know how quickly your expenses can mount, leaving you helpless to continue payments.

The compensation you obtain in a successful injury claim can help you cover your expenses while getting the best care possible. North Carolina allows injured victims to seek pain and suffering damages on top of the economic damages listed above. Increased compensation is what makes it worth your effort to initiate a claim and stay with it in the wake of a catastrophic injury. You can find more on these and other injury topics in our blog and on our website.

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