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Sunglasses are important for driving safely all year round

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized |

One of the best and simplest safety devices that can reduce your risk of a crash is so common it will likely surprise you. A pair of sunglasses could be all you need to reduce your risk of collision in a number of circumstances.

Sunglasses are one of the most important safety devices for drivers. In fact, you should probably have one or two pairs of sunglasses in your car just in case the sun comes out on a day that you leave home without your usual pair.

Sunglasses help you avoid vision issues related to bright light

There’s nothing like the golden sunshine on a beautiful fall day or the warm spring sun after a dreary winter. While that sun may feel good on your skin, it can play tricks on your eyes. Glare from other vehicles, light directly from the sun and even light bouncing off of water puddles or trash by the road could cause a flash of light that temporarily blinds you.

When you can’t see the road, even for a few seconds, you drastically increase your risk of causing a crash. Wearing sunglasses anytime the sun is out or could come out from behind the clouds helps ensure that you can see the road without sudden flashes of light or glare impairing your ability.

Sunglasses are important in transitional times and seasons

Despite what fashion gurus may tell you, sunglasses are not just for the summer. They are important year-round for road safety. Even winter sunshine could impact your ability to drive safely. In the spring and autumn, the low angle of light can increase the risk of sudden glare events. While the overhead sunlight may not feel great enough to affect your safety, wearing sunglasses during the day in both the fall and the spring can help keep you safe.

There are also times of day when you may not think sunglasses are necessary. Early morning and twilight are both times when people assume that the light is low enough for safety already. However, lights from other cars, as well as the potential for flashes of light as the sun comes close to the horizon could cause vision issues. When in doubt, it is almost always better to have your sunglasses on just in case.

Glare usually isn’t an acceptable excuse for a crash

If you get into a crash with another driver and they claimed to police that the sun blinded them, police are not going to let them off with a warning. Everyone should always adjust their driving practices to reflect the weather. It doesn’t just mean when it’s windy and rainy. You also need to ensure that you’re being safe when it’s sunny.

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