Arrested For DWI? Protect Yourself With Help From Our Experienced Criminal Defense Team.

If you were pulled over by the police and arrested for DWI/DUI, you already know the frustration and embarrassment that accompany an arrest. At Smith, Dickey & Dempster P.A., our team of criminal defense attorneys is composed of former district attorneys and a district court judge. Our years of experience handling cases on both sides of the courtroom help us build creative and effective defense strategies on behalf of our clients.

Local Representation For Clients In Cumberland County And Others From Outside The Region

When you work with our attorneys, you will have an opportunity to share your side of the story, ask questions and receive honest answers regarding your options. We will vet all the evidence, carry out our own investigation to determine if the authorities acted appropriately, and explore all possible options for resolving your case.

As experienced litigation lawyers, we know the value of building a case from the bottom up. With an established reputation in the local legal community, the prosecution knows we arrive ready to take a case as far as it needs to go. This helps us negotiate plea agreements, or if going to trial is in your best interests, develop a strong case and aggressively pursue a dismissal.

Protecting Your Rights, Interests And Reputation

When accused of DWI/DUI, there's more at stake than your criminal record. Depending on the circumstances, an arrest and subsequent conviction can have personal as well as professional consequences. If you are in the military, an arrest may compromise advancement opportunities. If your job is contingent on having a clean driving record, a DWI/DUI can result in the loss of your driver's license as well as any special certifications. Regardless of your occupation, you can count on noticing a substantial increase in your insurance premiums.

By building a strong defense, we look to mitigate these potential consequences and protect your future opportunities. From the outset we will offer straightforward, honest assessments of your options. When you work with us, you always know where you stand.

Place Our Team Of Experienced, Local Criminal Defense Attorneys At Your Side

After an arrest, you don't have to go through the legal process alone. Call our Fayetteville law office and schedule a consultation at 910-849-2364. If you prefer to send an email, our professional staff will promptly respond to your inquiry.